"In And Around Water" is the new Hurley series that takes the world's best surfers on an adventure. First stop: Panama. The team lets guess some (very) heavy with Filipe Toledo, Barron Mamiya and Yadin Nicol. Together, they explore the slabs of Latin America. An infinity of barrels, committed airs and laughter, that's what a Hurley team surf trip looks like.

And what about the latest wave of Yadin Nicol... "Wave of travel" according to Toledo. "I give him a 9.33 because he had a GoPro in his mouth and he didn't finish his wave. It's very important to finish your wave!" Filipe, Barron and Yadin on a trip, it's the guarantee of an explosive week. The perfect mix of high standards, carefree and experience. 

Is there a better way to spend a day on Earth than this? 

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